Surprise yourself with a House of Ell Surprise Pack!

Each Surprise Pack will contain FOUR (4) items of jewellery at a discounted price. The jewellery chosen for your surprise pack will be tailored to your questionnaire answers to ensure you get pieces that pleasantly surprise you!

FILL OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE and include it in the "comments" section of your order:

1. What size ring do you wear?
2. Is there any type of jewellery you would NEVER wear?
3. Do you prefer your necklaces long or short?
4. Can you wear costume jewellery earrings?
5. Anything else we should know?

Please note:
- The majority of our collection is gold-toned jewellery.
- The items in this photo are not necessarily representative of what you will get in your surprise pack.
- All of the jewellery included in these surprise packs is quality costume jewellery, but we cannot guarantee what type of metal is contained in the item. Please keep this in mind in terms of sensitivities.
- If you do not fill in the questionnaire, you will be receiving a 4 pack of random jewellery.
- There are no refunds offered on Surprise Packs.