Is your jewellery good for sensitive ears/skin?

Unless specifically stated, the jewellery I sell might pose a risk for sensitive skin. I do my best to source high-quality pieces, but cannot always guarantee the material type. If something is clearly stainless steal, gold-coated, etc. I will make note of that for you!

What is your return policy?  

I do my best to represent all items and their colours as accurately as possible, but I cannot guarantee that the colours will match exactly what is displayed on your screen. Please check with me before purchasing if you are worried about it, I am happy to chat and send additional photos! At this point in time I do not take returns, but please get in touch if you have any concerns or issues with your purchase.

How do you source your items? I am a wizard. Just kidding! I love to thrift and hunt for items and materials that catch my eye. I also try to keep in mind how others might style a piece.


Sweater specific:

Can I request a custom sweater?

At this point in time I am not accepting custom sweater orders, sorry!

How do you size your sweaters?

This is a tough one, because I use a variety of sweaters to create each piece. Also - all sweaters have different fits and some people like them looser or more fitted! I size based on my experience with fits, and I am MORE than happy to talk to you via email about the exact measurements of a piece. You can also check out the House of Ell instagram to see if I have a photo of a model wearing the sweater you're interested in, so you can see how it fits a real human body!

How can I care for my House of Ell Sweater?

I highly recommend washing by hand, and drying by laying flat on a towel. This is because each sweater is made with a variety of materials that may react differently to a machine wash. I don't want your sweater to warp! If you're desperate to try washing it in a machine, I recommend a delicate cycle on a cold setting. And never put your sweater in the dryer!

Got any more Q's? Don't hesitate to contact us for A's!