We believe in feeling fab while being responsible towards our planet and our fellow human beings. 

House of Ell is a curated shop of vintage and upcycled goods, specializing in beautiful jewellery and Sweaters with Stories (seasonal). We are based out of Toronto, Canada.


Sweaters with stories:

When was the last time you knew exactly who had made your clothing? 

Sweaters with Stories are meant to bring relationality back to clothing - the relationship between the clothing and who made it and who wears it. Each sweater has a history, being upcycled from multiple thrifted pieces. Also, each sweater was made by me, Katia, on a certain day, during a certain season. Each sweater comes with a brief story to tell you about who I was in that moment and what was happening in my life.

My name is Katia Engell and I am the maker of your sweaters! I am a multidisciplinary artist who loves playing with colour, fashion, patterns, and texture. If you are curious to check out other art that I make, you can see my portfolio at www.katiaengell.com

The story doesn't end here.

When you buy a piece from House of Ell, you are giving a sweater a new life, a future story. Maybe you are buying the sweater as a thoughtful gift, maybe it will become a treasured go-to item in your wardrobe, or maybe it'll be the piece you pull out for special (but cozy) occasions. I can't wait for you to get to know your one of a kind sweater.

Live and dress sustainably.

All House of Ell items are made sustainably, fabricated entirely with secondhand, vintage, or handmade materials. To me, sustainability means cultivating a positive relationship with our earth and living consciously in relation to our environment. I believe full-heartedly in the power of thrifting, of reusing, of recycling, and hope you'll join me on this journey of trying to live more sustainably.