April 2, 2019

vintage earrings ~ shop

You know that feeling when you are thrifting and there's something so good, you can't let it get away? Even though you really don't need it, or it is maybe not QUITE your style? I get that urge a lot. I love thrifting and collecting, but have to be conscious of not hoarding. My solution? Starting a little vintage section in my shop! The House of Ell shop now has vintage earrings listed!

I've already sold a few, which is really exciting! And there's more to come. As you all know, I am a big proponent of sustainability in fashion. As much as possible, I advocate for buying second hand and vintage to avoid encouraging/supporting/funding the creation of new, easily-disposed-of pieces. Alternatively, hand made! Unfortunately that is all-too-often out of my budget, so I really believe that second hand is an accessible option for living fashionably a little more sustainably. The House of Ell shop is my start at contributing to that, beyond just as a consumer!

So have a lookie at the Shop let me know what you think, and maybe keep me in mind should you need some new jewellery sometime!

~ CLICK HERE to get to the House of Ell Shop! ~

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