March 20, 2019

decor day dream ~ march

With my room mate moving out at the end of this month, I am in the bittersweet position of having to find some new pieces for my space (bitter because... I'm going to miss her. sweet because, an opportunity to thrift and decorate anew!).

~ I am OBSESSED with these Bodum Nissen ball salt and pepper shakers that I discovered while browsing Etsy. This particular seller, Made in Scandinavia.Net has several of them listed.... so tempting!

~ I have already found myself a thrifted set of 4 pink drinking glasses, but I'm loving the coloured glass thing right now so I am possibly looking for more. I just loved this beautiful photograph from this Etsy listing.

~ Minna has one of my favourite instagram accounts to follow and their online shop is chock full of beautiful goodies. I love the sunny tone of their Panalito runner in gold!

Ok, that concludes this morning's day dream (at least, I'm going to try to focus on something other than those Bodum Nissen balls). What decor items are you daydreaming of lately?


*ps. none of this is paid or sponsored, just sharing some groovy finds!

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