February 2, 2019

How to Look Stylish in the Canadian Winter

The most basic answer is: don't.

Unless you drive, or take a cab everywhere, and spend literally seconds outside between car and destination.

Functionality is everything. That means the big, mostly shapeless parkas, the chunky boots that keep your feet on the ground and not over your shoulders, the hats that smoosh your curls, and the extra moisturizer that leaves you a little shiny (it's either that or patchy, red, and dry).

Ok - that's about as cynical as I get, and I always reach my highest point of cynicism in the winter. It's at its worst at this time after the holidays. When the colder weather doesn't signal the imminent arrival of celebration and having fun with loved ones. When all the cold signals is imminent days where you refuse to go outside if you don't have to, but then feel socially isolated and frustrated and rage-y with cabin fever.

I do try to feel a little stylish underneath the multitude of layers required to stay warm and dry. I also have a bright red parka and a bright red hat because I tried to veer away from all-black everything. It's a good way to avoid being hit by cars in this crazy city, but it's also a bit intense sometimes, walking around feeling like a big ol' pylon.

I've been trying to hone in to my real/truest style, too. Yes - I was part of the hoards of privileged people with too much clothing (a luxury) who got inspired by Marie Kondo's TV show (even though I didn't like the show) and gave my closet a purge. I tried to hone in to what type of clothing makes me feel GOOD when it's on me, as opposed to me just liking the piece in itself. Sparking joy in different ways, I guess you could say. Since that, I've been Bunz trading like a mad woman and have made some really wonderful trades. I gave a pair of jeans and a vintage guess skirt for a pair of barely used, off-white converse. I traded an un-worn bathing suit for some really cool earrings. I traded with a girl I had known in highschool but never connected with, and we discovered we were both really passionate about sustainability. Bunzing is helping me feel positive about the connections that are possible in this city, even in the freezing cold.

Ok - I'm digressing. Here are some fun tips for not feeling like a soggy burrito for all of winter:

~ Mix up your accessories: this means, switch up your hats, wear a pin on your hat, switch up your scarf, wear fun socks.

~ Don't be afraid of colour: Sure, in wearing light pants or coloured pants you risk sloppy road slush stains. But that doesn't mean you have to subscribe to all-black everything in an increasingly colourless season. Be the colour you want to see in the world.

~ Wear nice underwear: at least you'll look spicy underneath all the layers! Maybe you'll be the only person to know, but that's all that matters.

~View layering as both function AND style: play with your layers! Wear a colourful sweater under a jumpsuit, wear textured tights under cropped pants. These will keep you warm and keep things interesting.

Ok, that's it for my pseudo-helpful-tip-list-but-mostly-a-rant-about-winter!

How do YOU stay feeling stylish in weather that's bogging you down?


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