February 14, 2019

FREE printables: Last-minute Valentine's

Maybe you're not super into Valentine's so all you and your lovvie do is cards.... but THEN.... you forget to buy a card, or you make one and it didn't really match your vision, or you buy a risqué one and begin to question your choices.... (all things that have happened to yours truly).

Never fear, Katia is here! Ha - but actually, these are designed to be printable onto a standard 8.5" x 11" printer paper, then folded into quarters, and voila! The design on the front, the text on the inside right. Free and printable from home!

I originally did this cowboy version for my guy:

But I loved the format and the styling of the fire-y borders, and decided I didn't want to limit who could be a handsome devil in my world. So, we have these three versions to suit whomever your hunny is. ENJOY!

How to download your printable Valentine: click the link to be brought to the full sized image, right click and press "save image". Then, print on your printer! Done! Finito!

If you decide to use these, please let me know! I'd love to see these babies printed and out there in the world!

Check out a previous year's Valentine's printable HERE!


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