January 15, 2018

Window Shopping: A Warm Vacation

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I have a confession: I've not been living in the moment in the present much lately. I've been daydreaming non stop about a family vacation we just booked to Aruba! It's several weeks away but I. Can't. Stop. Thinking. About. It.

Tonight it is snowing steadily and romantically, but I'm having a hard time feeling the magic and charm of Toronto's millionth winter wonderland appearance. The weather has me feeling some real S.A.D. feelings. Also, last week was a hard week, if you follow me on instagram you'll know that someone I was very close to at work, one of my friends with dementia, passed away. This is an inherent part of my work with persons with dementia, and it is always sad, but this particular one has hit me hard. I'm fine, and happy to have known her and spent so much wonderful time with her. But I've definitely been enjoying a bit of escapism by envisioning the trip to Aruba.

Of course, part of that day dream is all the fabulous beach and summer wear I'll be able to adorn myself with! Ahh, how I miss light fabrics and the freedom from layers. I miss feeling the breeze on my skin and actually enjoying it. I miss the warm sun. This window shopping outfit features two of my favourite online shops as of late: Hackwith Design House and Boheme Goods, handmade and vintage goodies respectively. I can't get enough of their pieces and finds.

Lately I've been really into beige and off-white. Something cloudy and dreamy about it, so even though I'm headed somewhere tropical I'm imagining lots of warm, light, breezy, airy tones. With a punch of orange/red, though! As with the little de tails on this adorable straw market bag. I've already bought myself a new bathing suit and I'm trying to limit myself to that one purchase for the month (an amendment on my year of thrift routine), so for now, just day dreaming and window shopping.

Have any of you been to Aruba? Any recommendations for things to see/do?

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