December 30, 2017

Here's to a Good Year (+ Bedhead)

Dear twenty seventeen,

You have been a good one. I've had my ups and downs during your rotation around the sun, but all in all they've helped me grow and get to a really good place.

Most of my bumps were adjustments: adjusting to moving home after living away for school, adjusting to doing work from home and not having classes to go to, adjusting to new work roles and juggling a plethora of tasks, adjusting to my fella being back in school, adjusting adjusting adjusting.

That being said, I also have come to accept myself on many levels this year, and that's a really important feeling for me. I started my Bedhead project during a low period, which has greatly changed the way I see myself and my appearance (read about it here, and more on that another time!). I grew out my armpit hair, I gained weight and didn't wish to get rid of it right away, I am kinder in my words to myself, and I am able to accept all the moods and feelings and ways of being that make me, me.

One of my big realizations has been that being "sensitive" (highly emotional? feeling things deeply? however you want to put it) is my strength. Not a weakness! The difference is really just a change in perspective: being sensitive and emotionally aware helps me so much in my work with persons with dementia. I wouldn't be as good at my job if I weren't sensitive. It also helps me form really honest relationships with those around me: if I can pinpoint my emotions instead of ignoring them, I can help myself and others work through them with me. It is so freeing to look at this as a strength!

In 2017 I was able to create freely, work for amazing clients, join a research team that is doing amazing things with relational caring in long term care, hone new skills and rekindle old ones, continue loving the most amazing guy, spend time with my wonderful family and friends, take a risk and chop off my hair, and so much more. So here's to you, 2017! Thank you for a good spin.

And for 2018? I hope to floss more. I hope to use my phone less. I hope to write more. I hope to overthink less. I hope to learn more. I hope to consume less. I hope to read more. I hope to watch TV less. I hope to love more! I hope to stress less. I hope to work out more. I hope to procrastinate less.

What do you hope for, for 2018?

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