November 4, 2017

Window Shopping: Gold Statement Earrings

I went through a minimalist jewellery phase, where all I wanted were little studs in geometric shapes or cool designs. Always simple; understated. Somehow in the last six months or so, I've become absolutely enamoured with gold statement earrings! Earrings with cool shapes that are relatively simple in that they are for the most part, just gold. No gems, no tassels, no colours. Just engraved and/or uniquely shaped gold metal.

Here are a few of my favourites from some online window shopping. Some vintage, some handmade!

It's funny to reflect on my own "jewellery evolution". I also had a silver phase where I was soooo not into gold. I found it tacky and not good for me. I feel the exact opposite now! While I still like silver, I find I much prefer the warmth of gold.

How about you, are you more of a silver or gold kind of person?

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