October 17, 2017

Photos: Victor's Apparel

Last spring I helped out the good folks at Victor's Apparel with a photoshoot to show off their luxurious, comfy silk boxers! Rachel and Nick have been two of the best clients ever - from design work to photos we've had a ton of fun working on their brand and making stuff happen together! I reflect back fondly on scouring a Value Village in Waterloo with Rachel trying to find fancy robe props for this shoot - and if you know me I love thrifting - so this was all in all a very fun project to work on.

For this shoot I wanted to capture a really luxurious feel with decadent textures and tones, but also natural light and natural, somewhat candid moments!

Also, fun fact! This shoot took place at my grandma's house - HA! I figured she'd have the nicest couches and chairs and natural light of any place we could comfortably have 3 men in their boxers hanging out and lounging for the shoot. I'm actually not sure if she's seen the photos... hi Mamy!

I recently edited some REALLY funny marketing photos for Victor's Apparel, which I will share soon! I realized I hadn't shared these though and thought they should come first.

Interested in some silk boxers? They also make for very comfy pyjama shorts ;) Check out the Victor's Apparel website here, and their Facebook and Instagram!


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