October 23, 2017

BEDHEAD: Update & Writing for Self Love

First, I want to thank everyone for being so supportive and kind to me about my Bedhead Project. If you follow along my Instagram, you'll know that's where I've been posting the photos fairly regularly (except for during October- my Instagram 'detox' month! That's a whole other post in the making...). I'm going to share more of them here as I go, too.

I admit that I have started to let go of the Bedhead Project as a daily part of my routine - some days I just have the same old sloppy bun and the same old face and there's nothing new or exciting about that. But then again, maybe that's the whole point of the project - I AM exciting, every day! Because I'm me! What a great thing to be.

Ok, real talk; I just came to that realization as I wrote it... writing can be so good for sorting out your thoughts and realizing some of the damaging self-talk we get ourselves into. I didn't realize I was calling myself boring and "same old same old" until I wrote it out, and that's not a great way to treat myself. It's pretty antithetical to the whole Bedhead Project's purpose; to treat myself as a subject worth photographing, whatever state I find myself in first thing in the morning. Natural and as is.

Which brings me to another 'self love' practice I've been trying to get into: Writing! A few weeks ago I attended a writing workshop for Artist's Wellness, put on by Toronto's Artist Health Alliance. We focused on identity, on the self, on using writing to explore one's inner world. It was a really healing and wonderful workshop. The other attendees were super supportive and created a beautiful, safe space to share your writing in. It reminded me that I used to want to be a writer, before I dove into visual arts. I had forgotten how much I loved writing - also one of the reasons I started a blog way way way way waaaay back when (I've been blogging, I think, since before I was a teenager. Yeesh.).

Writing in a journal most days (because I suck at 'every day' challenges it seems) has been a really great self-love experience. It helps me check in with myself, see how I'm feeling. It also helps me get out of my head without having to reach out or share with others if I don't feel like it (or if they don't feel like it!). I'm exploring different ideas about writing for self love, and I'm curious:

Do you journal? Or heck, do you blog about your life?
What kind of language do you use to talk about yourself, when you write about yourself? What words stand out to you?

Take a second to think about what your language says about how you feel about yourself, how you treat yourself.

xo -k

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