September 7, 2017

See, Read, Listen. 002

See ~ 
Check out the quirky work of Kendra Yee. A few weeks ago I went to a zine workshop by Yee at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. It was a lot of fun, and a pleasure to meet Yee, who graduated from the same OCADU illustration program as me!

Read ~
The Golden Age of Bailing. This article written by David Brooks made me laugh, made my chest feel real tight as I agreed and recognized some of the behaviour in myself, and generally really resonated with me. I've long had the value instilled in me that you are defined by how true you stay to your word: if you say you'll be somewhere, you should be there. If you say you'll do something, you should do it. Bailing feels like the best option sometimes (and for your own mental health, sometimes it is!) but I almost always feel better when I don't bail. Here's a quote from the article:

"Bailing is one of the defining acts of the current moment because it stands at the nexus of so many larger trends: the ambiguity of modern social relationships, the fraying of commitments, what my friend Hayley Darden calls the ethic of flexibility ushered in by smartphone apps — not to mention the decline of civilization, the collapse of morality and the ruination of all we hold dear."


I know some of the folks involved in this video, and am so into the song - too! Calvin Love is a great song writer and a cool performer.

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