July 10, 2017

Summer To-Do List • 2017

I love summer, and I love lists! As such, a to-do list for summer activities was just a natural choice. Plus, I made this one pretty! So here we go:

• Read a ton: I've got a summer of reading ahead of me as I develop my thesis proposal, and I'm excited! I also am hopeful that I will have time to read some things just for fun, too.

• Visit my grandma more often

• Go camping: CHECK! I've been wanting to do this again for years, and finally had the time a couple of weekends ago. It was a really great time and I felt very refreshed after some time in the wilderness!

• Go to the beach

• Make horchata (again!): I made some DIY horchata a couple of weeks ago and it was SO delicious, I've been dreaming of it ever since! I want to perfect my recipe and make more.

• Ride a bike: I recently started going to spinning classes, and I LOVE it. I haven't ridden bikes outside in a long time, and I'm' a bit nervous about handling it in the city traffic. But I really want to get back at it!

• Host a girl's craft night

• Make more smoothies for breakfast

Just a little list this year, but all things I'd really like to tick off my to-do list!

What's on your summer to-do list this year?

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