June 29, 2017

Stamp Pack: Variety of Background Textures

Happy Thursday everyone! Here are some free background textures for your use should you ever need some hand-made scribbly textures. These are a combination of marker, pencil, and paint. I've got more of these up my sleeve coming your way now that I have the time to sit and scan them. Keep an eye out for water colour textures, grunge-y textures, and more!

How to use these stamps:
• Click on the image link and download it to your computer.
• Open them in Photoshop and turn them into brushes (See how to make custom photoshop brushes here)
• Alternatively, use the image as-is, play around with opacities, fills, etc.
• Use them as a background for text-based images for your blog!


These are free for you to use and edit for blog post or art work purposes. They are not for you to re-distribute, to use for commercial purposes, or to claim as your own. I would love to see what you make if you end up using these textures, so please send me a link if you do!  I don't ask that you credit me every time you use one of these (that could get obnoxious for your audience), but if you wanted to share this post and mention that they are a free resource - that would be amazing too!