May 9, 2017

For Your Mama - Mini Gift Guide

It's a glorious time of year; time for mamas to get spoiled and showered with love and appreciation and other good things! For those of you looking for gifts/specific things to do for your mums, here are a few ideas I gathered just for you, including the usual, small businesses and makers!

For the New Mama: I came across this beautiful wooden, organic wood nursing necklace on Etsy and thought it'd make a cool necklace before I realized it was for mamas with babies! Stylish, and functional.

For the All-Natural Mama: You can never go wrong with all natural soap (unless you're like me and have 100 stashed away because people keep giving me soap...)! It's pretty, it smells good, it's good for you.

For Every Mama: Make her something delicious, make an event of it! Gather your siblings (if you have any) and put together a special meal for your mum. Here's a few ideas to get you started:
1. Summer Veggie Minestrone via Hello Glow
2. Whole Grain Pancakes (for breakfast in bed?) via A Beautiful Mess
3. Spring Pasta via Design Love Fest

For the Seasoned Mama: This is one for mama with many babes! A few years ago, this initial necklace is what I got my mum. I got hers 3 hexagons, with each of mine and my sibling's initials. Tried and tested and true; she loved it!

Already have plans for spoiling your mum? Leave your idea in the comments!

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