March 16, 2017

Window Shopping || 19

(Jacket: Loose Goods | Horse Leg Necklace: Story Book Vintage | Sunflower Shirt: Pastel Fox | Plaid Linen Trouser: Morphew |  Snakeskin booties: Teybelo)

Yesterday, because the sun was out, I wandered to a few shops near my place. I went into my favourite thrift store here and bought some white plaid/grid cotton comfy pants, and though they are definitely not as structured or "nice" as the ones pictured here, I am really daydreaming about how I'd like to style them this summer! Perhaps for casual beach days or wandering around the city in the sun... ahhhh..

Also, how bizzare-o and awesome is the horse leg necklace? I am about THIS close to not just window-shopping it and actually snatching it up.... it's just too cool. Basically everything about this outfit is something I wish I could throw on TODAY! I've been aching to be rid of my winter boots and wear something cuter, like these snake skin booties. Or all-gold metallic booties. Something a little fun and wild!

As usual I am daydreaming about spring and summer. Can you tell? We got another heavy dose of snow this past weekend and I am trying so hard to be positive and not bitter about the weather, since it's inescapable, but DANG I am so done with the cold! What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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