March 22, 2017

See, Read, Listen. 001

See: The minimal, one of a kind, absolutely stunning make up art of Ruthie Barone on instagram. I love her photo collages of looks she has done with similar themes and colours (pictured).

Read: How to Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans, a post on Kitty and Buck that has some good reminders for people currently in creative gigs, or who are considering entering a creative field! We all know those few bloggers or creatives who somehow have 948275396734539 followers who basically pray at their metaphorical instagram feet and are adoring and truly look up to them. I don't mean this sarcastically - it's a really cool phenomenon and those creatives have really got "it", whatever "it" is. Maybe this post on Kitty and Buck can be a good starting point to helping us all figure out what "it" is!


(Watch the little pup in the video too - it's watching the dancers, looking so concerned, like 'what the HECK is going on'! Oh the shenanigans that dogs put up with from us, ha!)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! See, Read, Listen, is a new series that I used to post on an old-old blog of mine, that I thought I would revive. What do you think?

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