February 6, 2017

Window Shopping || 18

(Cropped furry sweater: Shop at Milky, Pearlescent Vegan leather backpack: Golden Ponies, Otono Caramel Necklace: Sew A Song, Venus Head Planter: Brooklyn Global, Black Faded Levi's: Better Stay Together)

I'm at a strange intersection in my fashion choices that tends to happen yearly, mid-winter for me. I start feeling a little encumbered by big sweaters, giant lumpy parkas, and smelly winter boots (gotta work on that...). I want to experiment a bit with my outfits, pull out my summer pants, be a little wild. But then I look outside, see the foot-deep snow and trees bending in the bitter wind, and I just want to snuggle up with as many layers as I possibly can. Do you guys ever experience this? Is it purely a Canadian cold winter kind of experience?

Recently I found some beautiful shoes at a thrift store and have brought them to my school office so that I can feel a little bit nicer when I'm indoors on campus. This has been nice - they're Clarks ;)

I really want to share some outfit photos with these good thrift finds, but I just haven't had time. This term is kicking my butt with heavy duty theory-based assignments, and tons of TA work! I love it all - but it leaves less time for prancing around and snapping shots. So meanwhile, I will share these lil mood board window shopping outfits with you all, and I will find solace in the warmth of my marshmallow-style parka.

What have you seen in your window shopping lately? Anything you're eyeballing?

ps. I'm aware that venus head planter isn't really wear-able... but I got one that is quite similar recently and am super stoked on it!