January 9, 2017

Colour Lovin' 06: Three Stones

Colour Lovin' is a series of colour palettes based on images I love. It is my hope that these colour palettes offer some visual stimulation and inspire creatives who might find themselves in need of a starting point or creative prompt!

These three stones (and two bracelets) reside on my bedside table and each has its own story. I'm not normally one for the power and spirituality of stones and gems, but these 3 have specific stories, and I love nature's little pieces and how varied and different they can be.

The light pink stone was given to me by friends before moving and starting school. I can't remember the kind of stone it is right now (sorry Kerry!) but in their note they told me it was to help me remember I am loved and feel better if I get homesick while I'm at school. And I do, so it's been a nice little reminder to have around.

The blue is a weird story, actually. The same friend as above came with me to another friend's place after drinks downtown, the same night as I was given the pink stone! He broke his blue crystal and realized there were equal parts as there were people in the room and took it as a sign that we should all have a piece. It was a great night until a certain time of night where alcohol caused the energy to change and someone was saying things they maybe shouldn't. Nothing bad enough to make me not want to keep this piece of crystal, though!

The red stone was given to me by my fella when we were in Greece. He combed the stoney beach in Rhodes to find me some pretty stones, and this was one of them. I like to remember the warmth of that trip, both physically and mentally between the two of us.

Do you collect crystals or stones? Tell me the story of your collection!

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