December 29, 2016

The Latest: A Whirlwind of a Term

Hello! It's me! I am breathing and thinking and doing life and feelin' good!

The last several months have been just nutty. In the best way, of course, no complaints! But with all the reading (~120 pages a class) and the writing (~20 page papers are my new specialty) and the new city and life n' stuff, I have just not had the brain power to write about it all.

In the spirit of a quick update I offer you a dot-jot list of highlights, with pictures:

• Halloween! All we did was hand out candy, but we still got into our costumes! Frida and Vincent. Channeling Frida was tremendous fun, except when my dad tried to take pictures and I had the hardest time scowling and not smiling!

• My room at school which I love very much

• Living in another city away from this guy has made our little dates extra special, even if they are most often lazy nights watching XFiles. This was when we went to see some Monet and Van Gogh at the art gallery and saw some photography too.

• I saw one of my all time favourite musicians, Chris Cohen, play in Waterloo. He was the opening act, and compared to Toronto the crowd was small... so I got to chat with him for a good ten minutes after he played! The best night of my Waterloo life!

• Applying my art school skills to a research proposal poster design for school!

• Being home for the holidays has been real nice. I got sick with a cold, but still have managed to see a few of my friends including this gal at the Christmas market, when we had our first snow! It was so magical!

I'm hoping to be more blogg-y in the new year, as I would really like to use this space (I still love it very much) and I have some ideas. We will see!

But for now, tell me, what have you been up to?

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