September 8, 2016

Thrifty Outfit .o7

Earlier this summer, after months of daydreaming about this project, I enlisted my extremely talented friend Cassandra Moy to make me a new bag! Cass makes bespoke bags & garments, and man is she ever a groovy maker. We met working for a local artist and I've been in awe of her work ever since. I thought that back-to-school was a good excuse for a backpack.... right?

But, surprise!
It's also a purse. We brainstormed a cool way to make it interchangeable without extra hardware or multiple straps! I am SO pleased with the result. I'm also very particular about the sizes and amount of pockets, embellishments, etc. that I want in my purses, so going bespoke was a really great way to get the right purse for me. Cass made it so beautiful and I still smile every time I swing it over my shoulders!

Another fun fact about this bag is that Cass intentionally designed it to use scrap leather that was left over from previous projects. The only new piece of material was the one bought for the strap which needed to be a certain length. I am so happy we added this sustainable touch to the bag - it makes it that much more meaningful and special to me!

Cass's partner in crime, Elliott of Big Black's Book, took some photos of me/the bag for Cass's portfolio, and I snatched them too so that I could share them here! The focus was on the bag (duh), hence the shortage of frontal photos. Right before we started the shoot it began to absolutely POUR rain on us. Luckily Cass had an umbrella that matched my shirt, and none of us were afraid of a little bit of wet, so we ventured out regardless and I'm so glad! Elliott took beautiful shots, and I think the atmosphere and soft light are really quite lovely.

Bag: Cassandra Moy | Pants: Thrifted! | Shirt: American Eagle | Hat: Thrifted!| Earrings: Gifted 

Total Thrift Tally: 3/5! 
(Including the handmade bag)

I've been using the bag for a couple of weeks now and I'm still loving it - it really holds everything I need (and a little room for extras. like snacks.) and has gotten me through grad school orientation (hello outlines and calendars and school swag!). I wear it mostly as a backpack right now, though it's nice to switch it up now and then if I want to have quicker access to what's inside. 

Have you ever had something made special for you?


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