August 8, 2016

The Latest 02

How life flies by!

We are nearing the end of the Summer and it's a big transition time for me, since I will be headed back to school in September and moving out of the city. AH! I am so excited and thrilled to have been given a place in this program and I can't wait to dive right in.

Obviously this means a lot of changes. Life is funny business and I never, truly never, thought I would do any studies beyond a Bachelor's degree. I loved what I was studying (illustration) and was motivated to do it. But then I stumbled upon my work with seniors, and I stumbled further into it and 100% fell in love with it. So, here we go! School round 2!

I've been so MIA from the blogging community in the last month since figuring things out for school and being on vacation so tell me - what have you been up to lately? Any good posts you've shared recently? Link me in the comments!

ps. Check out my lil' aloe family! All of these babies were in the face pot crammed together when I first got the plant - it was a super healthy plant but also a very squishy one in need of more room. It was my first re-potting experiment and I'm super pleased with how it turned out ;)

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