June 23, 2016

Creative Crush: Mark Bath

I am thrilled to be featuring the work of one of my former classmates, the very talented illustrator and printmaker, Mark Bath. I remember sitting in one of the classes I had with him and seeing his work for the first time and thinking: damn. Intimidating and inspiring! Mark's art is so technically pleasing and thematically intriguing and 100% the kind of work I'm into.
Also, Boobs. Ya know I love me some boobs.
I also love the creepiness contrasting with the whimsy of this above piece, titled "Crabwise", and I really dig what Mark has to say about it on his website:

"The image is about dislocation, and the unusual "dance" (that of a crab; left to right; never going forward) required of an individual who feels alienated from a beautiful place because of particular interests and sexual orientation."

It's hard not to appreciate a beautifully composed piece that also conveys a strong and unique message. Here are a few more pieces of Mark's that I have always been into:

Be sure to take a look at Mark's portfolio website to take a peek at his other beautiful work!


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