May 10, 2016

The Latest 01

It has been a while since I shared a bit about what's up in my life lately! When I get really busy, I find it hard to reflect on that which I am too busy living/experience/getting through.

I recently finished up a big contract job and a freelance magazine design job, just in time to come down with a flu of some kind that completely and totally knocked me out. As in - sleep for 12 hours then nap a few times during the day, kind of knocked out. It lasted about a week and a half, then a short phase of touch and go, and I am now finally feeling like myself again - just in time for more work! Ha! Today I started a mural at a long term care facility that I am so so excited to complete, but man is mural painting ever physical labour. It's okay though - it's not every day that I get a strength work out as an artist ;)

Other than that, I've still just been putting boobs and such on everything. Which is always a fun thing to respond when my dad asks me what I'm working on. (Love you dad!)

My nudie work is now available at Arts Market at College and Ossington - if you live in Toronto! I love the Arts Market gang and it has been really fun so far being a vendor. I'm such a sucker for creative supporting other creatives and being eager to be a collaborative community! I know the art world is competitive, and I'm not rejecting that reality, but I love collaboration and mutual support in the art world too. It's how it keeps turning! It's what I want to emphasize most on this blog, lately.

My nudie tees are also available on my online shop and I will soon put up my stickers, weavings and bowls/ceramics as well. ALL the nudie things!

What's the latest in your life!?


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