May 31, 2016

Five Happy Things

one. The sunshine season is back! We've had lovely sun and warmth this past week. Afternoons at the beach, birds singing in the morning and breakfast in sunny backyards, dinner in the nice evening breeze... life is extra good in the summer.

two. Finding an all-natural deodorant that WORKS. I finally found "The One" and I'll write a post about it soon so you can give it a try too. This is the happiest all-natural discovery I've made since starting this blog and the initiative to live life naturally and sustainably!

three. Last week I went to Arts Market to re-stock my booth. I decided to walk around and look at what the other vendors had goin' on. I went to the vintage section and saw a wooden sculpture/carving of a woman that I had really wanted several weeks before, but hadn't been able to justify the purchase. This time, it was on sale. So, this time, I bought it... and I'm SO thrilled! I'll share pics soon.

four. Coffee. Always Coffee. And back to point one, coffee in the morning sunshine. Ahhh!

five. Writing a proposal for a new project/role at my current job, and having it approved! Hello new part-time gig and hurray for putting yourself out there and having it pay off!

What are you happy about this week?

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