May 9, 2016

Creative Crush: Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon is a New York based artist who comes from Vancouver, Canada. I love, love, LOVE, his use of colour and his use of line! The playful (and somewhat awkward) way that he captures moments really draws me and I end up taking the time to look at the whole image and all of its details and quirks.
Another very fun aspect of his work I've noticed while following him on instagram (@andy.dxn) is the inclusion of his own paintings in the backgrounds or settings of his other paintings - it's like finding little easter eggs!

I really relate to this particular series of four vases (Four Expensive Vases - the four most expensive vases to ever be sold in an auction) and the appreciation of decorative detail, and repeated objects. I also adore the background colours!

And of course, I have a definite appreciation for his Canadiana series. It's really nice to see work about my country - as so often the work I appreciate and admire and soak in, is not about home. I chose to share this painting of the Canadian Goose. Sure, it's just a goose (OK, two geese!) but it brings up such a multitude of stories for me - primarily about Goose poop and their violent tendencies and the time my sister had to smack one with an umbrella just to get past it to get to class... but anyway!

Check out Andy Dixon's portfolio website here

Who have you been crushing on lately?

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