May 29, 2016

Art Fart: Collage Sketches

Normally, sketches are associated with quick pencil drawings and doodles intended to get abstract ideas from your head down on piece of paper, or to practice certain things. Then, perhaps, to work out the details of the idea more clearly and develop a more finalized image - depending on who you are and what your process is. I never really thought of doing collage sketches until I felt like I had cornered myself into, well, a corner. I was putting too much pressure on myself to create "finished" work and to readily have new material to post on my social media and to continue promoting myself. Yuck! That's not a good corner to be in - it is paralyzing, frustrating, and boring. Especially when I also use social media to get inspired - the instagram "corner" is both an inspiring and stifling zone, which is a very conflicting way to feel.

So I decided to loosen up, keep it abstract, and throw some colours and textures and shapes together that I liked. To make for the sake of making, to explore composition as an abstract series of shapes. I also tried doing doodle squiggles on separate paper, then cutting those out and collaging them in with the rest - which turned out to be really fun.

Sketching is good for experimenting without fear of ruining a piece, for discovering new techniques and ideas, and building a visual dialogue between your inner self and your physical output. Why limit 'sketching' to pencil or pen? I'm trying to use my sketchbooks more often for my own creative development and well-being (and for fun!).

Do you keep a sketchbook? What medium do you experiment with?
If you share your sketches on your blog or social media, leave a link in the comments so I can check them out! You can see more of mine on my instagram.

ps. my sketches usually have words paired with them. Here are the words attached to these three, from left to right: burnt toast on a rainy day, not beyoncé's lemonade, cottage cheese by the sea.

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