April 12, 2016

Window Shopping || 16

(Handcrafted Leather Flat: Sevilla Smith | Classic 90's Denim Jacket: Loose Goods
White Fringe Crop Top: Persephone Vintage | Enamel Pins: Ann Somers)

The funny thing about spring in Canada is that it snowed yesterday and I'm still wearing my winter jacket. HA! Hilarious. I also like to blame this weather for all my ailments; currently a terrible sore throat and ache-y muscles that are keeping me from work. Ugh! Bring on the sunshine, please!

Anyway, I'm excited to bring out my denim jacket again. Especially now that enamel pins are SO in. I also happen to know some real cool artists making really cool pins out of their artwork. Bonus. These artichoke and brussels sprout plant pins are by my dear friend and talented artist Ann Somers. I'm totally obsessed and love that the brussels sprout plant kind of looks like a palm tree. This doesn't really count as window shopping for me since I own the artichoke one already... but I am eyeballing the other one to match...

I've been practically drooling on my phone ever since finding Sevilla Smith's instagram account. Her handcrafted shoes are the epitome of chic and effortless and everything about them makes them tickles my fancy. From her various 'neutral' shades to patterns to reptile textures, they really speak to me, and I love seeing shoe makers rockin' it in a market of fast fashion shoes that, let's admit it, are total crap.

Isn't this fringe top dreamy? I just imagine wearing it and dancing or swinging in the sunshine and letting the fringe wiggle with me. A happy, summer-y thought!

What are you lusting over lately?

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