April 14, 2016

Texture Pack 001 - Plain Paper

I've got some thing for YOU today! 

One of my very favourite things to do with computer graphics I create for this blog is to lightly overlay some simple textures to give it a more tangible feel and an added depth to the design. I love the way it looks and am always on the hunt for the right textures for doing this.

There are tons of free stock images out there for this kind of thing... with awful watermarks, or in super low quality. It drives me insane, so I've been making my own textures and collecting them for this purpose. So I figured I'd share some of my watermark-less, high-res textures for you to use on your blog images!

These textures are free for you to use and edit for blog post or art work purposes. They are not for you to re-distribute, to use for commercial purposes, or to claim as your own. I would love to see what you make if you do end up using these textures, so please send me a link if you do!

Also - I don't ask that you credit me every time you use one of these textures (that could get obnoxious), but if you wanted to share this post and mention that they are a free resource for anyone to use - that would be amazing too!

To download the textures - click on the one you want below, right click, and press "Save Image As" from the drop down menu.

Do you use textures in your blog post images? Would you be interested in 1) more textures and 2) a tutorial on how to apply these textures to your images on photoshop?

ENJOY! I hope you find these useful.

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