April 18, 2016

Art Fart: Collage and Words

Recently I've enjoyed making this series of collages combined with some black out poetry! I love writing, I've always loved writing (hence the blogging!), but I haven't been quite confident enough to share it with others. This collage + black out poetry happened by accident and I'm so glad it did! It's just toying with some word play, but I feel like it's a step in a really exciting direction.

I have also been trying to include my own drawings into my collages - hence the odd sea-shell-y blobs I've included in two of these. It feels even more "mine" with my doodles thrown in.

The world is full of sunshine today and weather so warm I don't need a jacket - that feels SO GOOD. I feel so inspired, and excited by the opportunities ahead to create art and simply enjoy the process.

How is the start to your week?

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