February 13, 2016

Valentine's is lame (BUT IM TOTALLY LAME)

I both admire and am horrified by whoever came up with the brilliant marketing scheme that is Valentine's day.

I really appreciate the idea of a day dedicated to love, but I think Valentine's with its reds and pinks and hearts and roses and sparkles and useless teddy bears is a total misconstruction of what "love" is. Sure, a lot of us realize this as we grow up and are no longer forced to make/write a bajillion platonic valentine notes to each of your classmates and maybe give them a lollypop with it so that you give the best valentine out of everyone else. But I think secretly deep down, not a lot of us have entirely let go of this rosy cutesie conditioning.

For example - today I was working on clay masks with kids, and with some of the leftover clay I found myself making a heart shape and wanting to write "A + K" on it for my fella tomorrow. AH. SUBCONSCIOUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING. I guess I'm just a total sucker for love, ok?

So, when I say not a lot of us have let go - I really mean that personally, I still love a little mush gush sometimes. I have a heart next to my fella's name in my phone and keep a little picture of us in accidentally matching outfits next to my bed. I've always had a soft spot for romance in my heart. But I no longer have any interest in buying stuff for one another for Valentine's day. I used to love it though! Maybe it's a change in my perception ever since doing a Year of Thrift and challenging my own thinking about consuming. Mabye it's just not as meaningful to me anymore. I like the idea of a day focused on love, but what I really want is just to do something fun with the one I love and to enjoy dedicated day to spending quality time together. Last year we made a loom together for my weaving, this year we're continuing the tradition of "making" and are going to paint together! I'm excited.

What are your thoughts (honestly) on Valentine's day? Do you still appreciate a little (or big) gift? Fancy dinners?

ps. I also made a valentines collage of two flamingos "kissing", so what does that say about me? LOVE IS ALL AROUND, FRIENDS.

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