January 24, 2016

Photo Capsule 01.23.16

It has been a super productive week, which was actually my yoga-encouraged hope for the week.

I've been working on launching my ONLINE SHOP selling my Nudie tees (YAY! More on that later...) I have been taking photos of my lovely models in the tees (and that shot of me and the fella!), getting the tees printed, picking up a box way bigger than I could carry on my own and having to make multiple trips to actually get them.

My studio has been a mess all throughout the holiday and I finally got around to cleaning and organizing it. It is so satisfying to walk in and see it all tidy and the table space all open. Oof!

Friday, I went to the closing party of a really fantastic art show at Nuvango Gallery here in Toronto. Incredible art duo Carnovsky put together a groovy, psychedelic show that was really fun to experience.

And of course, some cake pops without the popsicle part, so really just cake balls. My friend and I spent the day baking and watching crappy TV and it was a fantastic girl's day!

Happy Sunday everyone - hope you had a great week too, and if not, here's to a great one coming up!


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