January 10, 2016

Photo Capsule 01.10.16

The beginning of January has been a bit of a slow one - a slow start to hopefully big fast-rolling fun things!

I got some tshirts printed with my "nudie" drawings which I am VERY excited about. You can see more of my nudie drawings on the new instagram account I've made for my illustrations, @katiaillu. Fingers crossed for big things to come with this.

My friend Annie took some photos of me this week! Annie is one of my art friends who I collaborate with often and generally go back and forth with for our creative stuff. It was fun to work with a different medium (for her, photography, and for me, modelling? eh!) and I love to see the result post-freezing-my-butt-off-infront-of-the-camera and post-editing!

One of my favourite traditions is the "Galette du Roi", which is a celebration of the epiphany in early January. Whoever finds the little figurine (Traditionally: a bean or a little baby jesus, less traditionally: disney princesses and anthropomorphic animals) in their slice of cake is the King or Queen. Apparently I win every year, as my sister lamented when I won this year, so I got a crown again, and picked my king!

And of course my little doggy wog. Always.

What were you up to this week!?


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