January 25, 2016

NUDIE TEES! Online Shop Launch

If you've been around the blog or my instagram these last few weeks, you'll certainly have seen some sneak peeks of these babies! I have been working hard at launching my Online Shop and all sorts of IRL opportunities, too!!

My "Nudie" series started with a calendar in 2015. It was a cheeky interpretation of nude calendars that I designed partly to entertain myself, and partly as a Christmas gift for friends and family. It was so well received that I made another for 2016, and began selling them too. From there, I developed an ongoing series of Nudies and Nudie products. Including my Nudie tees!

The t-shirt designs were chosen based on their ability stand-alone. These 3 illustrations are featured in the calendar as well, with 9 others which are somewhat better coupled with text. I thought that the Paradise Island, he Dirty Desert, and the Sexy Ghosts designs were the most fun and subtle and playful designs for tees!

The shirts themselves are super soft cotton printed by one of my fav small printing businesses in Toronto. Yay for supporting local businesses and for comfy tees!

I am so very excited for this little venture!

If you are in Toronto you can catch me at a few fairs/markets this coming February. To keep up to date with where I'll be, follow Katia Engell Creative on Facebook.

If you're not in Toronto, visit the Online Shop here!

I'd like to thank my lovely models, Krista and Ara, and my mom for taking the very first photo of him and I, and for letting me use the car to pick up my big box of t-shirts that I somehow thought I'd be able to take home on public transit alone... Ha!

What do you guys think of the tees?


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