January 13, 2016

Art Fart: for Bowie

Oh Bowie.

No words or artwork or sentiments of any kind will suffice to express the loss the entire world is feeling - even as a relatively moderate fan such as myself.

I love the Bowie universe, and respect, admire, and appreciate the things he did in his life. He was an unrelenting creator, a maker of wonderful new things that really shook up the world. I love his aesthetic, I love his music, I love his attitude; I even love his ugly red Ziggy mullet. I donned it myself this past Halloween for my Bowie costume. I am very sad to see him go, and so awe-struck at the brilliant coincidence (which, I suspect, might not have been a coincidence at all) of releasing his latest and last album just 2 days before his death. Incredible 'til the end!
Bowie, thank you for the weirdness, and thank you for the magic and the sparkle.


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