December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016 (I'll miss you, and I won't.)

Twenty sixteen has been a ridiculous year. It blows my mind to reflect on how much happened in 365 days, and it is hard to wrap my head around where I was at the start and where I am now; where the world was, and where the world is now.

In my life, 2016 has been a remarkable year. I did have some significant lows at the start; I was an insecure, recent graduate, freaking out about not finding full-time employment, doing my best to freelance as a designer/artist while also working 3 part time jobs. Now, at the end of 2016, I am a full-swing student again, working towards my Master's which I never in a million years thought I would be doing (cue flashbacks of my teenage self telling Dad: no way, I'm going to be an ~artist~). I moved to a new city, started working as a TA, kept my once-a-week job in Toronto, met some amazing fellow students, and started learning a whole new language of academics and Recreation and Leisure.

Even before school started again, 2016 made a turn for the better. I worked on two murals, which was the most fun, and I produced two of the pieces I'm most proud of now. I also worked on some really exciting logos with amazing clients and designed numerous posters for some Toronto bands. In 2016 I also started my own business, selling my artwork on t-shirts, greeting cards, calendars, prints, etc. in some stores in Toronto and at markets and fairs. I met so many other creatives and really enjoyed putting myself out there like that. I also got so much closer with so many people around me, and I have been so thankful this year to enjoy the company, kindness, and loyalty of some beautiful individuals.

That being said, I am so, so angry about the plethora of awful things that happened in the world this year. Certainly not a surprising or unique statement, as I know I'm not alone. I want so much to say that 2016 was amazing - but it just was not. From Syria, to Trump, to the too-long battle for DAPL, to the deaths of many childhood/adulthood celebrity heroes, to the attacks around the world too numerous to list... to be entirely honest I don't actually want to think about it all, even though I know it's important.

For me, this New Years Eve is a time for reflection, a time to remember that it's not all about me. We are individuals and we are constantly encouraged to follow our own dreams, take responsibility for our own lives and get ourselves to where we want to be. But we also exist in a bigger picture, and this picture needs some serious attention and TLC in 2017. So in this sense, with as much humility as I can muster, I say a very bittersweet farewell to 2016, and I prudently hope for a better 2017. Cheers to the potential of better things in the new year, for you, for me, and for the world!


December 30, 2016

Stamp Pack: Happy New Year 2017 handwriting!

The New Year is around the corner and I wanted to offer a little something to you before it arrives! Some handwritten 'stamp' scans for you to use for any New Years resolution or 2017 related posts that you want to snazz up some images for.

How to use these stamps:
• Click on the image link and download it to your computer!
• Open them in Photoshop and turn them into brushes (See how to make custom photoshop brushes here)
• Alternatively, use the image as-is and remove the white, play around with opacities, fills, etc!
• Throw them on top of a background: your favourite photo of 2016, a party pic, something more abstract - the world's your oyster!

Here's what I  came up with using these stamps:

Had to throw in some glitter, of course!

Fun anecdote: while I was writing these out, I kept writing '2016' instead of '2017'.... a reminder that we are soon entering the time of year where you always write the year down wrong. Ha!

I've said this already but I'll say it again: I want to focus on this kind of content in the New Year: helpful (hopefully) content to help other bloggers, other creatives. This is my offering to the creative community of bloggers and I hope you can find some use out of it!


These are free for you to use and edit for blog post or art work purposes. They are not for you to re-distribute, to use for commercial purposes, or to claim as your own. I would love to see what you make if you do end up using these textures, so please send me a link if you do!  I don't ask that you credit me every time you use one of these (that could get obnoxious), but if you wanted to share this post and mention that they are a free resource for anyone to use - that would be amazing too!

December 29, 2016

The Latest: A Whirlwind of a Term

Hello! It's me! I am breathing and thinking and doing life and feelin' good!

The last several months have been just nutty. In the best way, of course, no complaints! But with all the reading (~120 pages a class) and the writing (~20 page papers are my new specialty) and the new city and life n' stuff, I have just not had the brain power to write about it all.

In the spirit of a quick update I offer you a dot-jot list of highlights, with pictures:

• Halloween! All we did was hand out candy, but we still got into our costumes! Frida and Vincent. Channeling Frida was tremendous fun, except when my dad tried to take pictures and I had the hardest time scowling and not smiling!

• My room at school which I love very much

• Living in another city away from this guy has made our little dates extra special, even if they are most often lazy nights watching XFiles. This was when we went to see some Monet and Van Gogh at the art gallery and saw some photography too.

• I saw one of my all time favourite musicians, Chris Cohen, play in Waterloo. He was the opening act, and compared to Toronto the crowd was small... so I got to chat with him for a good ten minutes after he played! The best night of my Waterloo life!

• Applying my art school skills to a research proposal poster design for school!

• Being home for the holidays has been real nice. I got sick with a cold, but still have managed to see a few of my friends including this gal at the Christmas market, when we had our first snow! It was so magical!

I'm hoping to be more blogg-y in the new year, as I would really like to use this space (I still love it very much) and I have some ideas. We will see!

But for now, tell me, what have you been up to?

October 6, 2016

The Latest: Settling In

September was a whirlwind of new-ness, of novelty, of some serious settling in and easing into a new routine. Moving to a new city has been easier than the last time. Though to be fair, last time was a continent away, this time is just a two hour bus ride.

School is incredible! The amount of new knowledge that has been crammed into my head in just a month is astounding and overwhelming at times! I'm learning so much about research methodologies, recreation and leisure, and disability. The disability course in particular has been pretty mind blowing. Have you ever noticed the under-tones of disability in Disney movies, or the stories that Disney worked off of (Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen anyone)?

I've really enjoyed learning to think critically (as is the goal of most of my courses), and it is really cool to look at my work from a new perspective. I teach art classes and facilitate art projects for persons with dementia, and as much as I have been lucky to work in a setting that fosters an incredible open-mindedness and respect for all our participants, I feel like I am learning something new every time I work. I also feel as though every day I come across something, in some shape or form, that demonstrates a lack of understanding, a fear, and a stigma of disability and dementia. It makes me want to change that, and it makes me so happy and feel so fortunate that I've got a chance to do that through grad school and my research.

On a less serious note - I totally caved and bought something from the second hand store I mentioned in my last post. You know when the stars align and by some fluke you find the exact item you had in your mind's eye (even if it's something as arbitrary as a "navy blue turtle neck sweater that is long enough to cover my bum")? That happened, and they had just put the item out on display that morning. WOO!

Thanksgiving is this weekend (in Canada) so I will be going home again for that, seeing the family, being thankful for all the things, and eating lots and lots of delicious food! Have you ever noticed how much 'orange' we eat in the fall? Pumpkin pie, sweet potato, squash, carrots.... the list goes on.

What's up with you these days!?

September 24, 2016

Window Shopping || 18

Labyrinth Pendant: Mimosa | Embroidered Ankle Boot: Pastel Fox | Gingham Mini Dress: Loose Goods

It's officially FALL! I have mixed feelings about saying goodbye to an amazing summer and the warm sunshine on my skin, but I also really love the coziness of fall, and subsequently the fashion which I spoke a bit about in last year's "Year of Thrift Fall Update" post! I've been resisting the urge to shop at all, thrift or no thrift, trying to save my money as much as I can now that I'm not working as much. But my new apartment has several, fabulous looking thrift shops within walking distance.... uhm. SO dangerous, but I have yet to succumb to the urge. Check back with me in a month and we'll see if that's changed!

I've been admiring Mimosa's jewellery for maybe a few years now - and this labyrinth pendant is just 100% up my alley. Circles anyone !?(I love circles) It's also all about the small details for me these days; simple and unusual jewellery, little unique touches like the embroidery on these ankle boots, all to compliment a simpler "base" outfit. My wardrobe selection for school has proven to be "capsule" wardrobe style - few items, versatility, lots of neutrals and comfy favourites. It's been really nice to limit myself, I'm actually impressed by how little I miss my clothes back home. As such my jewellery collection has been important to me - though it is also minimal. I have about 3 necklaces, two rings, and 5 pairs of earrings with me.

Who would have ever thought I'd be little miss minimal with my fashion? Who are we kidding though... I'll probably dive headfirst back into my "at-home" wardrobe this weekend when I go back for work.... ha! But it's nice to know I can do it and not hate it.

What's on your fall wishlist?

September 8, 2016

Thrifty Outfit .o7

Earlier this summer, after months of daydreaming about this project, I enlisted my extremely talented friend Cassandra Moy to make me a new bag! Cass makes bespoke bags & garments, and man is she ever a groovy maker. We met working for a local artist and I've been in awe of her work ever since. I thought that back-to-school was a good excuse for a backpack.... right?

But, surprise!
It's also a purse. We brainstormed a cool way to make it interchangeable without extra hardware or multiple straps! I am SO pleased with the result. I'm also very particular about the sizes and amount of pockets, embellishments, etc. that I want in my purses, so going bespoke was a really great way to get the right purse for me. Cass made it so beautiful and I still smile every time I swing it over my shoulders!

Another fun fact about this bag is that Cass intentionally designed it to use scrap leather that was left over from previous projects. The only new piece of material was the one bought for the strap which needed to be a certain length. I am so happy we added this sustainable touch to the bag - it makes it that much more meaningful and special to me!

Cass's partner in crime, Elliott of Big Black's Book, took some photos of me/the bag for Cass's portfolio, and I snatched them too so that I could share them here! The focus was on the bag (duh), hence the shortage of frontal photos. Right before we started the shoot it began to absolutely POUR rain on us. Luckily Cass had an umbrella that matched my shirt, and none of us were afraid of a little bit of wet, so we ventured out regardless and I'm so glad! Elliott took beautiful shots, and I think the atmosphere and soft light are really quite lovely.

Bag: Cassandra Moy | Pants: Thrifted! | Shirt: American Eagle | Hat: Thrifted!| Earrings: Gifted 

Total Thrift Tally: 3/5! 
(Including the handmade bag)

I've been using the bag for a couple of weeks now and I'm still loving it - it really holds everything I need (and a little room for extras. like snacks.) and has gotten me through grad school orientation (hello outlines and calendars and school swag!). I wear it mostly as a backpack right now, though it's nice to switch it up now and then if I want to have quicker access to what's inside. 

Have you ever had something made special for you?


September 5, 2016

A Thought or Two: Feeling Ready

There are changes in life that come along and threaten you - they shake up your foundation and force you to question yourself. These are the kinds of change that everyone calls scary, the kind we allude to when we talk about being creatures of habit that like our routines. I've always been one to feel simultaneously scared and excited for big changes in life - for entering that 'next' phase. Excited because change brings so much opportunity for joy and for happy new experiences; Scared because I don't usually feel ready for the change. The standard mix of emotions, really.

This time around though, I am feeling so ready. I am moving to a new city I've only been to once and starting a Master's degree in a subject I have never studied before. It would be easy to feel scared for all the unknown, that's what I would normally expect, but I feel ready. Maybe it's the many transitions I've made it through in the past that has me more confident that I can do it, maybe it's the strong sense of purpose I feel and that I'm studying something that is exactly the path I want to take, maybe it's an independence and confidence that simply comes with age, maybe it's all of these things! But I feel more ready than ever.

I'm also really excited about my new apartment! My roommate is great, the room is big and bright (with large windows!) and the neighbourhood is so full of beautiful old homes. I'm excited to decorate - though sparsely as it will be a temporary place - and to cook for myself and do my groceries myself (I actually love that) and to live my own way for a little while. I will miss my parents and brother and boyfriend and friends back home, but I will also be commuting home for work on the weekends so I will see them plenty! I also took my first nap in my new place today so - that means it's home for real now, right? ;)

It's odd to feel ready at a time where my past self would feel utterly unprepared. Really nice, of course, but odd. That's not to say I'm not nervous, I definitely feel nervous too, but hardly as much as I feel excited. We will see what happens when I actually dive into school and work and adjusting to a new city all at once, but I'm going to enjoy this unadulterated excitement for now!


August 17, 2016

Art Fart: Father Christmas

This summer I have been doing some work for the Toronto-based band, Father Christmas. They rock and were fantastic to work with! I really dig the visual style they go for and felt totally at home in the images I made for them. For the posters, front man Kyle gave me a simple directive; "make something weird". Don't mind if I do!

First I worked on a set of logos for the band - text and illustrations, one palm-tree version and a cactus one. We tried a few ideas and landed on a hand written text style, and a matching sensibility for the illustrations. I am so pleased with how it turned out, and it looks great on their t-shirts and pins which I will share a photo of soon!

The band are starting their East Coast tour this weekend, and asked me to make a few posters for those shows too - it was a treat to use the logo I'd just finished in the designs to debut it online.

(How great of a magazine find are those little naked gold people? I seriously want to make a bronze necklace pendant of them... wouldn't that be rad?)

They even asked me to include my boob illustrations in the poster - so fun to have a project that allows me to combine the various things I love to make! The collages were made mostly by hand, then scanned in and positioned with the text and logo details.

Check out Father Christmas's bandcamp page, and their facebook page for the tour details!
They've also just released a new single that I'm super into, you can listen to it here.


August 8, 2016

The Latest 02

How life flies by!

We are nearing the end of the Summer and it's a big transition time for me, since I will be headed back to school in September and moving out of the city. AH! I am so excited and thrilled to have been given a place in this program and I can't wait to dive right in.

Obviously this means a lot of changes. Life is funny business and I never, truly never, thought I would do any studies beyond a Bachelor's degree. I loved what I was studying (illustration) and was motivated to do it. But then I stumbled upon my work with seniors, and I stumbled further into it and 100% fell in love with it. So, here we go! School round 2!

I've been so MIA from the blogging community in the last month since figuring things out for school and being on vacation so tell me - what have you been up to lately? Any good posts you've shared recently? Link me in the comments!

ps. Check out my lil' aloe family! All of these babies were in the face pot crammed together when I first got the plant - it was a super healthy plant but also a very squishy one in need of more room. It was my first re-potting experiment and I'm super pleased with how it turned out ;)

July 15, 2016

Colour Lovin' .o5

Colour Lovin' is a series of colour palettes based on images I love. It is my hope that these colour palettes offer some visual stimulation and inspire creatives who might find themselves in need of a starting point or creative prompt!

I am so excited to be including this photo of this beautiful and stylish and thoughtful lady, Rae from Love form Berlin. As soon as I saw it in one of her Anatomy of an Outfit posts, I wanted very badly to include it in Colour Lovin'. Everything about it is so dreamy and serene; it could the the cover of a modern fairy tale book. Rae - you are a fabulous, green-haired goddess!

 Be sure to check out Rae's blog for more magical photography and many beautiful words.

Check out past Colour Lovin' posts here!


(photo by Thommy White for Rae Tashman)

June 27, 2016

Art Fart: The Art of Collaboration

Competition doesn't come very naturally to me. I was never a sports person - I hated being pushed to compete and WIN. I liked gymnastics - competing with only myself to do a better cartwheel than before. But I quit when the gym coaches insisted, at the ripe age of 6, that I start competing. Of course, it feels good to win, but I was a sensitive child and never liked the way people got mean when they were stressed to win. I remember my cousins having snow ball fights, playing man hunt, soccer, badminton, and having everyone get mad at me when I missed the ball or let down the team. I could never handle it.

Now as a grown up, I can certainly handle it. I've been known to get pretty competitive myself when I play cards against my fella or during a family game of Taboo. But there's a part of me that still doesn't love it. The same goes for the art world, which I'm sure we can all imagine or know is very competitive. And I haaaaaaate that about it. I want to collaborate, to work together, to support each other, to be friends (lol). Of course I'm not alone in this, but my overwhelming feeling is that the art world sees collaboration as a vehicle for personal success - work with someone who will help elevate you, as opposed to a pure enjoyment of the process of working together.

Maybe I'm wrong? Maybe this is just my experience. Maybe it's the art scene in my city?

I recently had a contrasting experience. I collaborated with my friend, Hannah Spector, who I met when we were both living in Paris. We were introduced by a mutual friend and later adventured to a Mexican Wrestling bar together. That's the extent of how we know each other, but we've kept in touch (thanks, internet) and both like collage and word-y things. We decided to collaborate and sent each other packages of cut up bits, papers, materials, for the other person to put together and compose. This was my result! Something more abstract than my usual, but I love it and had so much fun with this collaboration. It was such a delight to open up the package that Hannah had sent me and find an explosion of googly eyes and a parking ticket, among other things.

This is the kind of art I want to be doing. I want to work with others, I want to build community, I want art making to be more than just about me, sitting at a desk, doing my thing. Is this a bit idealistic? Maybe. I'll figure that out as I go, I suppose!

What is your experience with competitiveness vs. collaboration in the art world?

June 23, 2016

Creative Crush: Mark Bath

I am thrilled to be featuring the work of one of my former classmates, the very talented illustrator and printmaker, Mark Bath. I remember sitting in one of the classes I had with him and seeing his work for the first time and thinking: damn. Intimidating and inspiring! Mark's art is so technically pleasing and thematically intriguing and 100% the kind of work I'm into.
Also, Boobs. Ya know I love me some boobs.
I also love the creepiness contrasting with the whimsy of this above piece, titled "Crabwise", and I really dig what Mark has to say about it on his website:

"The image is about dislocation, and the unusual "dance" (that of a crab; left to right; never going forward) required of an individual who feels alienated from a beautiful place because of particular interests and sexual orientation."

It's hard not to appreciate a beautifully composed piece that also conveys a strong and unique message. Here are a few more pieces of Mark's that I have always been into:

Be sure to take a look at Mark's portfolio website to take a peek at his other beautiful work!


June 9, 2016

Thrifty Outfit .o6

I've been feeling very fashion-inspired as of late and I realized I haven't posted an outfit in forever! Summer always makes it easier to break out the camera and enjoy the outdoors without covering my outfit up with a big ol' parka. We'll blame it on winter, because it's always easiest to blame the weather ;)

Sweater: Thrifted | Shirt: Souvenir from Chicago | Pants: Wilfred, Thrifted | Shoes: Sperry Top-siders | Bracelet: Vintage Gift
Total Thrift Tally: 3/5!

Did I ever share about my trip to Chicago back in March? What a fantastic city. I loved the architecture, I loved the Art Institute, I loved the food. Just thinking about the deep dish pizza makes my tummy rumble! I definitely didn't go for long enough and plan to go back some day for a while longer so I can explore more.

Right now I am working very part time as I am applying to some Masters programs - whaaaat. This is a pretty big deal as it is a huge commitment on many levels. Since graduating from my Bachelor's degree and trying on many part-time hats, I've come to realize that my work with seniors and art is what I want to pursue as a career. But I'm going to need some learning and some credentials to really do that! So I'm looking at some research based, academic programs which are not what I ever imagined myself doing. AH! Time to read up, do my research, prepare myself, and cross my fingers for an acceptance! Wish me luck!

What have you been up to lately?

June 2, 2016

Natural Body Products: Gypsy Scents Deodorant

Guys! I am so thrilled. Remember in my 5 Happy Things post, I promised I'd share about my happy deodorant discovery? Well, today I am making good on that promise.

Deodorant has been a pretty persistent problem for me since I started my all-natural product shift, and it's one of the most important ones too! Most of the deodorants/antiperspirants on the shelves in stores are so bad for you. Aluminum has been linked with breast cancer and Alzheimers (though this has not been conclusively proven, as far as I can tell), and even the simple act of blocking your pores from sweating sounds like a really bad idea when you step back and think about it.

It's been a bit tough though, since most of the all-natural deodorants I've tried so far have a) made me need to re-apply throughout the day to keep back the stink b) required me to rub it in to my armpits with my fingers to actually get it to smooth out c) given me some super itchy pits or d) forced me to avoid white shirts at all cost for fear of yellow stains. So, all-natural? Yes. Practical? No. After over a year of trying out different brands, I was thrilled when I came across Gypsy Scents at a market I was participating in as well, and that I tried out a small sample size of her deodorant. Because guess what? IT WORKS.

I can go a full day with out any stink, I've worn white shirts without it staining, and I don't have to rub it in with my hands. And this particular scent, Lavender, is absolutely my favourite! I just love it! And Kimi, the mind and hands behind Gypsy Scents, is such a lovely soul - we arranged a drop-off date since she would be traveling through the area and was so accommodating and lovely to speak to. Thanks Kimi!

It does need a bit of a rub with the deodorant stick itself to get absorbed on my pits, and I do find that I have to clean up the edges of the stick when I'm done to make sure I don't waste any of the deodorant that goes to the sides, but that's not all that different from any other type of deodorant - and it's worth it for a product that works!

You can check out what other scents and products Kimi makes on the Gypsy Scents Website

(Disclaimer: I am NOT being compensated for this post. I really like this product and simply want to share for any of you who are interested and who are looking for functional, all-natural body product alternatives.)

May 31, 2016

Five Happy Things

one. The sunshine season is back! We've had lovely sun and warmth this past week. Afternoons at the beach, birds singing in the morning and breakfast in sunny backyards, dinner in the nice evening breeze... life is extra good in the summer.

two. Finding an all-natural deodorant that WORKS. I finally found "The One" and I'll write a post about it soon so you can give it a try too. This is the happiest all-natural discovery I've made since starting this blog and the initiative to live life naturally and sustainably!

three. Last week I went to Arts Market to re-stock my booth. I decided to walk around and look at what the other vendors had goin' on. I went to the vintage section and saw a wooden sculpture/carving of a woman that I had really wanted several weeks before, but hadn't been able to justify the purchase. This time, it was on sale. So, this time, I bought it... and I'm SO thrilled! I'll share pics soon.

four. Coffee. Always Coffee. And back to point one, coffee in the morning sunshine. Ahhh!

five. Writing a proposal for a new project/role at my current job, and having it approved! Hello new part-time gig and hurray for putting yourself out there and having it pay off!

What are you happy about this week?

May 29, 2016

Art Fart: Collage Sketches

Normally, sketches are associated with quick pencil drawings and doodles intended to get abstract ideas from your head down on piece of paper, or to practice certain things. Then, perhaps, to work out the details of the idea more clearly and develop a more finalized image - depending on who you are and what your process is. I never really thought of doing collage sketches until I felt like I had cornered myself into, well, a corner. I was putting too much pressure on myself to create "finished" work and to readily have new material to post on my social media and to continue promoting myself. Yuck! That's not a good corner to be in - it is paralyzing, frustrating, and boring. Especially when I also use social media to get inspired - the instagram "corner" is both an inspiring and stifling zone, which is a very conflicting way to feel.

So I decided to loosen up, keep it abstract, and throw some colours and textures and shapes together that I liked. To make for the sake of making, to explore composition as an abstract series of shapes. I also tried doing doodle squiggles on separate paper, then cutting those out and collaging them in with the rest - which turned out to be really fun.

Sketching is good for experimenting without fear of ruining a piece, for discovering new techniques and ideas, and building a visual dialogue between your inner self and your physical output. Why limit 'sketching' to pencil or pen? I'm trying to use my sketchbooks more often for my own creative development and well-being (and for fun!).

Do you keep a sketchbook? What medium do you experiment with?
If you share your sketches on your blog or social media, leave a link in the comments so I can check them out! You can see more of mine on my instagram.

ps. my sketches usually have words paired with them. Here are the words attached to these three, from left to right: burnt toast on a rainy day, not beyoncé's lemonade, cottage cheese by the sea.

May 22, 2016

Window Shopping || 17

(Silkscreen Lobster Halter top: Hanmattan | Handmade Oxford Flats: Imelda Shoes | Cropped Wide-Legged Pants: Persephone Vintage)

I am in a serious window-shopping mood lately (and on occasion, real shopping!). It's partly due to all the summer styles emerging, and partly due to having finished a big mural job and having a little bit of spending money to use. I've also come to some realizations about my style, which often happens to me at the junction of seasons. 

My collection of "summer pants" are patterned, wide-legged, flowy, mostly loose fitting garments. I don't love wearing shorts and I don't love dresses and skirts. These flowy summer pants are something I've discovered in the last few years and developed a nice collection of. That being said - I also tend to buy patterned flowy tops. I'm all about the patterns. But these two sets of garment types don't really go together, so I've decided to try and part with one set. That would be the tops - because my pants are truly my favourite. So I'm on the hunt for neutral, nice-fitting summer tops!

This Lobster Twin top is suuuuuper cool.  I recently watched The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos and it was an astounding and weird film. I loved it! And I've had lobsters on the mind ever since (not because there are actual lobsters in the film - it's all very avante garde and symbolic), so I love this pair of lobsters. There's a myth that lobsters mate for life, which is a romantic notion for sure. Apparently it is just a myth though, and that they actually just have spats of periodic monogamy after a female lobster has molten and hasn't fully formed their new shell. Fun fact of the day! You're welcome.

I really like the pairing of the sage green of these pants with the coral red of the lobster detail. And of course some beautiful, classy black shoes to round it off. I like to keep things simple for summer. Shirt, pants, shoes (and covert panties I guess). The necessities only.

What style or garment have you been coveting lately?


May 17, 2016

Colour Lovin' .o4

Colour Lovin' is a series of colour palettes based on images I love. It is my hope that these colour palettes offer some visual stimulation and inspire creatives who might find themselves in need of a starting point or creative prompt!

I took a series of photos like this at breakfast one morning, and only later did I take a look and realize how ghostly the images had turned out. I call them my "Coffee Ghost" shots. All the colours are soft, but there are some really nice complimentary hues going on and I really love how they work together in the photo.

Check out past Colour Lovin' posts here!


May 10, 2016

The Latest 01

It has been a while since I shared a bit about what's up in my life lately! When I get really busy, I find it hard to reflect on that which I am too busy living/experience/getting through.

I recently finished up a big contract job and a freelance magazine design job, just in time to come down with a flu of some kind that completely and totally knocked me out. As in - sleep for 12 hours then nap a few times during the day, kind of knocked out. It lasted about a week and a half, then a short phase of touch and go, and I am now finally feeling like myself again - just in time for more work! Ha! Today I started a mural at a long term care facility that I am so so excited to complete, but man is mural painting ever physical labour. It's okay though - it's not every day that I get a strength work out as an artist ;)

Other than that, I've still just been putting boobs and such on everything. Which is always a fun thing to respond when my dad asks me what I'm working on. (Love you dad!)

My nudie work is now available at Arts Market at College and Ossington - if you live in Toronto! I love the Arts Market gang and it has been really fun so far being a vendor. I'm such a sucker for creative supporting other creatives and being eager to be a collaborative community! I know the art world is competitive, and I'm not rejecting that reality, but I love collaboration and mutual support in the art world too. It's how it keeps turning! It's what I want to emphasize most on this blog, lately.

My nudie tees are also available on my online shop and I will soon put up my stickers, weavings and bowls/ceramics as well. ALL the nudie things!

What's the latest in your life!?


May 9, 2016

Creative Crush: Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon is a New York based artist who comes from Vancouver, Canada. I love, love, LOVE, his use of colour and his use of line! The playful (and somewhat awkward) way that he captures moments really draws me and I end up taking the time to look at the whole image and all of its details and quirks.
Another very fun aspect of his work I've noticed while following him on instagram (@andy.dxn) is the inclusion of his own paintings in the backgrounds or settings of his other paintings - it's like finding little easter eggs!

I really relate to this particular series of four vases (Four Expensive Vases - the four most expensive vases to ever be sold in an auction) and the appreciation of decorative detail, and repeated objects. I also adore the background colours!

And of course, I have a definite appreciation for his Canadiana series. It's really nice to see work about my country - as so often the work I appreciate and admire and soak in, is not about home. I chose to share this painting of the Canadian Goose. Sure, it's just a goose (OK, two geese!) but it brings up such a multitude of stories for me - primarily about Goose poop and their violent tendencies and the time my sister had to smack one with an umbrella just to get past it to get to class... but anyway!

Check out Andy Dixon's portfolio website here

Who have you been crushing on lately?

April 18, 2016

Art Fart: Collage and Words

Recently I've enjoyed making this series of collages combined with some black out poetry! I love writing, I've always loved writing (hence the blogging!), but I haven't been quite confident enough to share it with others. This collage + black out poetry happened by accident and I'm so glad it did! It's just toying with some word play, but I feel like it's a step in a really exciting direction.

I have also been trying to include my own drawings into my collages - hence the odd sea-shell-y blobs I've included in two of these. It feels even more "mine" with my doodles thrown in.

The world is full of sunshine today and weather so warm I don't need a jacket - that feels SO GOOD. I feel so inspired, and excited by the opportunities ahead to create art and simply enjoy the process.

How is the start to your week?

April 14, 2016

Texture Pack 001 - Plain Paper

I've got some thing for YOU today! 

One of my very favourite things to do with computer graphics I create for this blog is to lightly overlay some simple textures to give it a more tangible feel and an added depth to the design. I love the way it looks and am always on the hunt for the right textures for doing this.

There are tons of free stock images out there for this kind of thing... with awful watermarks, or in super low quality. It drives me insane, so I've been making my own textures and collecting them for this purpose. So I figured I'd share some of my watermark-less, high-res textures for you to use on your blog images!

These textures are free for you to use and edit for blog post or art work purposes. They are not for you to re-distribute, to use for commercial purposes, or to claim as your own. I would love to see what you make if you do end up using these textures, so please send me a link if you do!

Also - I don't ask that you credit me every time you use one of these textures (that could get obnoxious), but if you wanted to share this post and mention that they are a free resource for anyone to use - that would be amazing too!

To download the textures - click on the one you want below, right click, and press "Save Image As" from the drop down menu.

Do you use textures in your blog post images? Would you be interested in 1) more textures and 2) a tutorial on how to apply these textures to your images on photoshop?

ENJOY! I hope you find these useful.

April 12, 2016

Window Shopping || 16

(Handcrafted Leather Flat: Sevilla Smith | Classic 90's Denim Jacket: Loose Goods
White Fringe Crop Top: Persephone Vintage | Enamel Pins: Ann Somers)

The funny thing about spring in Canada is that it snowed yesterday and I'm still wearing my winter jacket. HA! Hilarious. I also like to blame this weather for all my ailments; currently a terrible sore throat and ache-y muscles that are keeping me from work. Ugh! Bring on the sunshine, please!

Anyway, I'm excited to bring out my denim jacket again. Especially now that enamel pins are SO in. I also happen to know some real cool artists making really cool pins out of their artwork. Bonus. These artichoke and brussels sprout plant pins are by my dear friend and talented artist Ann Somers. I'm totally obsessed and love that the brussels sprout plant kind of looks like a palm tree. This doesn't really count as window shopping for me since I own the artichoke one already... but I am eyeballing the other one to match...

I've been practically drooling on my phone ever since finding Sevilla Smith's instagram account. Her handcrafted shoes are the epitome of chic and effortless and everything about them makes them tickles my fancy. From her various 'neutral' shades to patterns to reptile textures, they really speak to me, and I love seeing shoe makers rockin' it in a market of fast fashion shoes that, let's admit it, are total crap.

Isn't this fringe top dreamy? I just imagine wearing it and dancing or swinging in the sunshine and letting the fringe wiggle with me. A happy, summer-y thought!

What are you lusting over lately?