November 25, 2015

Sneaky Bathroom Waste & Sustainable Solutions

1. Toothbrushes
It is general knowledge that oral hygiene is a (modern-world) necessity. Think about it. When was the last time you didn't own a tooth brush? You've probably owned one since your parents bought kitschy kids ones for you to try and encourage you to brush. We don't think twice about the toothbrush as an object - we focus more on its function. A toothbrush is a big chunk of plastic that you use then throw out then replace. Even if you replace your toothbrush only once or twice a year, imagine how many years you have or will live, and how many chunks of plastic that will equal to. That's a lot of waste.

Solution: Bamboo toothbrush (this is my personal choice!), or toothbrushes with replaceable brush parts

2. Soap containers
Not only can liquid, antibacterial soap have negative effects on your health, the containers that the soap comes in are an added, unnecessary waste in the bathroom.

Solution: A good ol' bar of soap. Handmade, all-natural soaps are even better!

3. Razors
This one is very much like the toothbrush issue. As long as smooth and hairless legs, faces, armpits, what have you, are a cultural norm, people will buy razors. Buying new razor blades instead of new full razors each time is a good start, but that's still a whole lot of waste created.

Solution: Electric razors, waxing, and hey, if you have the budget and time for it, what about a more permanent solution like laser hair removal? It may seem frivolous now but in the long run, that's actually a lot more sustainable.

4. Toilet Paper
Did you know that the toilet paper industry in the US destroys 7 million trees annually? All of those trees just to wipe your butt. That's excessive.

Solution: Recycled toilet paper - no, don't use it twice (PLEASE don't do that!). I mean the kind that is made out of recycled paper. Also - use a little less when you can!

5. Cotton Swabs/Makeup Wipes
Q-Tips are also in the mix of one-use bathroom items. At the end of the day, don't remove your makeup with cotton or wipes, it is another habit that seems like "little things" but adds up when you use them daily.

Solution: Use face cloths. I know there are concerns about germs and whether it's clean enough, so just have enough that you can use one every day and just throw them in the laundry at the end of the week!

What small changes are you making in your life to try and live more sustainably and create less waste every day?

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