November 2, 2015

~*Halloween 2015*~

David Bowie and Michael Jackson hope you had a happy Halloween!

We had a lot of fun dressing up as these two pop icons in their distinctive, colourful outfits. There's something about putting on a wig in particular that really brings me out of my self and makes me feel in character. Also having a partner in crime (a smooth criminal at that... ha!) makes dressing up and Halloween so much more fun!

We started the night with handing out candies at my parents' house, then went to a party at my friend's place. Where we listened to some music (only a little bit of Bowie and MJ though, I'm afraid) and chatted with some other characters including a Troy McClure, a Canadian Tuxedo guy, some tennis players, a batwoman, and more. It was lots of fun!

What did you dress up as this Halloween?


(ps. Both of these costumes were almost completely thrifted! Except the shoes, which we already owned, and the wigs which were our only non-thrifty purchases!)

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