October 2, 2015

Window Shopping || 14

(Vintage Men's Ankle Boots: 86Vintage | Aurora Fringe Bag: Native Rainbow | Canyon Girl Mini Dress: Gypsan | Diamond Bend Cuff Bracelet: Diament Designs)

I've been trying to find more shops that actually focus on sustainability- not just 'vintage/second hand' fashion. Even though I'm all for that (obviously), it's really nice to find people that are making an EXTRA effort by selling their handmade goods and choosing their materials from sustainable, cruelty-free sources.

So I was happy to find Native Rainbow's Etsy shop this week. Their bags are beautiful, organic, made with materials sourced from the states, and I love what Lizzie, who runs the shop and makes the goods, has to say on her about page:

"As human beings, it is up to us to make a conscious effort to make positive changes in this world. I will stand up for animals for as long as I'm breathing.
I give a percentage of my yearly sales to various animal charities. My ultimate goal is to establish enough growth to fund a fully-functional non-profit animal sanctuary on my farm to give safe haven to any animal in need. " 

 I'd say that's a pretty sweet mission statement.

The dress in this also comes from a store I admire. Gypsan is a company that gives 5% of their net profits to charity as well, and are also trying to have all their clothing made in the United States. 

Though I don't personally live in the States, I understand that these companies are doing so because there is more assurance that the workplace they are sourcing from is following human rights and environmental laws and the fact that people care and are making conscious decisions to have their clothing created in ethical environments is something I can really get behind!

 Do you have a favourite ethical brand/company that is making great efforts to take care of our world?

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