October 3, 2015

Weekly Photo Capsule 10.02.2015

I guess you know you've had an exciting week when the majority of the photos you've taken are of your dog being a weirdo and giving you attitude!

I've been quite busy writing grant applications for a project I am really hoping to get funded. It's an exciting prospect, but man is it ever not fun to live at opposite ends of the city as the many individuals you need signatures from, especially when you travel by city transit! I managed to get everything we needed and dropped off the application yesterday. Needless to say - I currently feel about 500 pounds lighter and will have my fingers crossed for the next... 4 months... while we wait for the results. Ha!

I broke out the loom again and am just tidying up the back of this piece shown here so that I can start a new one. I put weaving on the back burner a bit while on a real upswing in my collage work. It's nice to go back though, and take a little break from things. One of the many reasons I believe artists should never limit themselves to one media. Explore 4EVR y'know?

What have you gotten up to this week!?

ps. Happy October!

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