October 6, 2015

Art Fart: She's a Dreamcatcher

I have a great interest in circles. They are probably my favourite shape - to use in art, to look at in art, to think about in terms of the various cycles our lives and worlds are made of. I definitely tend towards them in my art making, and I particularly enjoy doodling, designing, and making mandalas. My notebooks are covered in them, I have an entire pinterest board for mandalas, I teach classes at work about mandalas, I contemplate and believe in the meditative nature of mandalas, and circles in general. I think it's fantastic that so many cultures have their own versions of mandalas; circular motifs. There are medicine wheels, Aztec calendars, dream catchers, traditional Hindu mandalas, etc. Even nature has it's own mandalas! Anyway. I love mandalas. And circles.

So it's only natural that I should try and throw in some mandala making with my collage work. Here's the result!


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