September 6, 2015

Weekly Photo Capsule 09.06.2015

Happy September everyone!

I took a step away from the internet this past little while and have been enjoying as much outside time as I possibly can. I am really trying to milk what's left of this summer weather and take advantage of the natural paradises around me.

My aunt's place up in the country side is always the sweetest escape with a cabin in the woods to sleep in, listening to wolves howl and night bugs buzz. And then walking to my grandmother's property next door for breakfast in the early morning. There's also my fella's place which is a good spot to paint in, and the Toronto beach which is a fun place to lounge about and eat snacks with friends.

I've been making art and thinking about art a lot. I always do, but this is really my time to explore it. No school, no full time work, just me and some time to explore my creative side even more deeply. It's actually thrilling, to be falling into something with art that makes me so happy and fulfilled. Yay!

How are you taking advantage of the last little bits of summer?


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