September 26, 2015

Creative Crush: Marlen Komar

This Creative Crush is a little something different. Marlen Komar writes beautiful poetry (and a blog!) that has a way of tugging at your heart and making you remember the people of your past in a nostalgic, pleasant way, even if the experiences shared through her poetry are highly personal and often anecdotal.

I often lose sight of how much I love poetry, and writing; the world of writing and how words can purvey so many ideas and images. I'm so glad I stumbled upon Marlen's blog a while back, and subsequently her writing, because now I am reminded whenever she posts a snippet of her pretty words on instagram!
Marlen also has a book, Ugly People Beautiful Hearts, which you can buy digital copies of for kindle reading and such. Her writing is so dreamy and subtle, not-too-mushy-romantic.  I love it!

Be sure to check out Marlen's writing site for a little dose of creative, written magic!


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