September 14, 2015

Art Fart: He likes it hot, hot, HOT!

This week I challenged myself to do a collage of a male subject, you know, just to mix it up. I don't want my work to be entirely woman focused. This proved to be very difficult to do with a collection of women's magazines mostly gathered from my step mom and the salon around the corner from me. Ha!

I think I did okay though, I had luck in that most of the male photos I found were close to the same size, face and body wise, so I was able to put them together into a fun new image!

Lately I have been really trying to focus on making art, on applying to jobs that I genuinely would love to do, and learning (again) what makes me feel good (ie: collage, exercise, eating well...). It's hard to find the motivation to get back into routine when you've been out of one for a while. Or rather, when you've gotten into a slightly less-than-healthy routine. But I've bought all the ingredients needed for several new recipes to try - so I'm going to have to, or else they'll all go to waste, right? ;) It's good to challenge ourselves out of our comfort zones sometimes, like with this collage! Usually the results are pretty OK!


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