September 8, 2015

A Thought or Two: September

This week my brother, sister, their friends, my former school-mates, and (what sometimes feels like) the rest of the world, go back to school.

But not me! Not this time!

It is a super strange feeling, to not be packing my bag with an empty notebook or sketchbook and maybe a few new pens, getting excited to see everyone's new haircuts and tattoos and piercings (the small joys of art school). Instead, today, I am interviewing for an incredibly wonderful job (fingers crossed!) and my fella comes home from a big long trip. So it's an exciting day nonetheless.

That being said, I have been speaking with several people about the sensation of "new" and "starting" that September brings us all - even those of us not in school. My step mom said she always found September to be the exciting new start, not New Years. I argued that's partly because of marketing, and the way companies use Back To School as a way to sell (because we all need back to school lingerie amiright?). My uncle reminded me that it also goes far far back to the timing of harvests and new seasons, so, the arrival of autumn. He said it had might as well be ingrained in our genetics at this point - that September is the start of something new.

I then realized that these starting times for school are very North-American specific. When I studied in France the timing of vacations and starts and ends were very different.
So it got me wondering: What time of year feels like a time for new beginnings to you, in your part of the world?

I'm so curious about how this differs for cultures and places other than my own, so please share!!


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