August 21, 2015

Weekly Photo Capsule 08.21.15

It's been a really nice week!

I've seen lots of friends and family. My friend Sabrina got two new pet rats and they are so teenie tiny and adorable and I nearly took them home with me. She named them Miso and Shoyu which are the cutest names too. My friend Tiffany came over for dinner, and my friends Kayleigh and Kelsey got me this beautiful One Bead bracelet as a belated graduation gift (mine is the dark blue!).

One Bead seems like a really cool company: they are a charitable business that supports schools and workers in Africa. The beads are made at a glass blowing studio in Nairobi, and all the profits support schools and other various projects of One Bead. Read more about it here! It's also just super pretty, so I'm very thankful for it!

I'm off this morning to get my wisdom teeth out - gah! Wish me luck.


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