August 15, 2015

Spread The Love: 3 of my Fav Sustainability Blogs!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Today I want to share some of my favourite blogs that focus on sustainability in life, makeup, fashion, etc. I'm just going to call them Sustainability Blogs, for lack of better wording. Correct me if there's a better term for them! I found it a little bit tough to find other like minded individuals in the blogging community at first, but once you open the door to it, it's like a pandora's box (of positive things, though). I thought I'd start sharing my finds with everyone, for I'm certain we all cover different territory with our blogs and there is so much good information and so many great ideas out there!

Hello Natural
Full of tips and tricks and lists and how-to's. (and beautiful photography!).  I love how informative this website is on healthy living in general. There are recipes with good-for-you ingredients and explanations as to why each ingredient is helpful and good for you. There are lists of the multitude of ways to use coconut oil in your daily routine, and many topics that I wouldn't have even thought of (ie. Natural Ways to Stop a Headache). From healthy eating, all-natural beauty, to recycling, Hello Natural covers all of my favourite topics! I LOVE it!

TLV Birdie Blog
I love the TLV Birdie Blog for scoping out all-natural makeup and beauty alternatives! The reviews are in depth, and there are often posts about specific ingredients that are good for your skin, like Aloe and Lavender - which are illustrated by one of my favourite illustrators, Kelzuki! (I was sooo pumped when they started this collaboration as I follow them both!) The blog is also beautiful and earthy and super nice to be on.

Chambray and Curls
I was so so happy to come across Laura's blog. She took a very similar pledge as mine, her "Ethical Fashion Pledge" which is super similar to my Year of Thrift Manifesto but with her own special twist! Her fashion sense is fun, and her adventures in Ethical Fashion are really great to follow. It is so nice to discover someone with the same intentions as me and the same ideas as me, all the way across the pond!

What are your favourite Sustainability Blogs? 
Do you have a sustainability blog?

Share your links in the comments!

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