August 4, 2015

Creative Crush: Sergio Mora

Sergio Mora (aka Magicomora) is an artist from Barcelona whose magical characters and scenes never cease to appeal to both my inner child and outward adult. The naivety of some elements is matched with a wonderful, masterful use of material and technique, which always yields pleasing, playful results. His work is fantastic in all senses of the word!

"There are people who do not settle with what is generally called reality. Due to this their life becomes complex and therefore is enriched extraordinarily, by having an attitude of not limiting themselves to accepting reality without questioning it,"

Mora's bio on his website is just as fun and magical! I love this quote from the very beginning of it. The bio discusses Mora's desire to re-create and define his own reality - an idea that I think most creatives can relate to.

Be sure to check out more of Sergio Mora's work on his website and follow him on instagram.

 What creatives have you been crushing on lately?

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