July 21, 2015

Window Shopping || 11

Trousers: Bless That Dress | Wool Crop Top: Better Stay Together | Black Cage Sandals: Cali Vintage 415 | Necklace: Diament Jewelry

I have been applying to some office jobs recently, which has me daydreaming about office-casual outfits! In particular - nice shoes! I find nice shoes especially difficult in summer time. Sandals can look way too casual way too easily, but sometimes with the summer heat they're the only comfortable thing. 

I find jewellery is a fun way to both gussy up an outfit and give it a little bit of personalty! I love the little landscape on this necklace - it's the perfect, subtle, sunshine-y vignette to liven up an all-neutral outfit.

What items have you been daydreaming about lately?


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